A cinnamon sugar bagel, chocolate chip muffie, hazelnut coffee, and large Pepsi were the fuel that fed our creative fire…We decided to meet on Friday at Panera Bread to hammer out some major details such as what blog site to use, what to name our journey, and when to begin our adventures. After crossing these pertinent items off of our to do list, we took a much needed, and much deserved, painting break at Pottery by You. (Pictures coming soon!)

Ashlee left town to enjoy some time with family, while I enjoyed cranking out our header/banner/thingamajig. The inspiration for our color scheme came from these yummy gumdrops on Pinterest, and I had also been dying to use these adorable stamps.

We will begin our first DIY project on Monday, at Ashlee’s house. Although I’m sure she has a ton of ideas lined up, I, on the other hand, am headed to Pinterest to do some further exploration. Stay tuned!