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Happy Palm Sunday to all of our Catholic readers, and also to those who are not šŸ™‚ Unlike some other rather greedy parishioners I only took one palm frond today, with plans to turn it into a cute little cross. I did happen to notice a lot of people making them during mass…I, on the other hand, was writhing with anticipation for the remainder of the hour. Also, I have a teensy problem with perfectionism, and wanted to review the process before completely annihilating my single stalk. I found a very good tutorial from a Google search, which I will leave you with now…

Thank you so much Michael P. Walther for sharing your expertise! As you can see, my restraint paid off, and I was able to make not only one, but two…yes, two! crosses from a single frond. I will keep one in my car until next Ash Wednesday, and share the other with my best friend who is in the process of looking for a church to call home.