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**DISCLAIMER** I couldn’t quite get the lighting and/or angles right, so I apologize in advance for any fuzzy and/or discolored pictures. (Insert wish for new awesome camera here.)

What is washi? Washi tape comes from Japan…it is a paper tape that comes in cute colors and patterns. It comes on a roll, like regular tape, and is often translucent. It can be used for a variety of things, such as gift wrapping, card making, etc.

The two main problems I have encountered while shopping for Washi tape, are 1. it is super expensive and 2. there is not a large supply/wide variety readily available. A small three pack such as the one I pictured here can average around $10. (I was given these for Christmas last year, along with a cute wooden dispenser.) Local craft stores may carry a few different choices; however, for the colors/patterns/selection I want, I have to shop online…which leads me back to the original problem of cost (you usually have to buy in bulk, pay for shipping, etc). Therefore, I decided to try my hand at making my own washi tape for my first DIY project.

The original tutorial came from this site, although I did switch it up a bit, due to the availability of products we already had on hand/lack of desire to go buy new supplies 😛


Before heading to Ashlee’s I gathered a paintbrush, acrylic paints, an assortment of stamps and stamp pads. Ashlee supplied me with a large Ziploc baggie, an empty plastic thread spool, two empty plastic film canisters, and green painters tape.

**I do not get paid by any of these companies to use and/or promote these products, although I sure wish I did! 🙂

The first step was to cut open the Ziploc bag, and tape it down to the table to use as a plastic palette per say.

Next, I painted the tape with my desired colors. This is where plain masking tape would have been a better base/alternative to green painters tape, but beggars can’t be choosers, and I had to make due with what I was given. In the end, it all worked out, but as you can see from the preliminary photos, lighter colors, such as orange, needed more than 2 or 3 coats of paint. (Sorry I started the next step before taking a photo. Oops.)

After the paint dries, (You must be patient as hard as it is, or the stamps will pull up some of the paint. Trust me, I learned this from experience. Paint can ruin your stamps as well, so patience will pay off in more ways than one.) begin stamping your images on the tape strips. Here are a few of my samples:

Alphabet on Orange

Clouds, Diamonds, “This Side Up,” Feathers, and Safety Pins on Blue

Banners, Starbursts, Airplanes, and Hammers on Pink

Teddies with Hearts, Cupcakes, “All You Need is Love &,” and Doilies on Purple

Because this roll of painters tape was pretty thick, in order to get it wrapped around my make shift spools, I had to cut it into thinner strips first.

Voila! Pretty pleased with my results…

Now I need to create some things to show off my new tape! Don’t think I’m brave enough for this yet though…

I’d love to see your attempts at homemade washi tape and/or the creative ways you use it!