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My little babe is turning ONE next month! Time has flown by so fast that sometimes I can’t believe that the little one that wakes me is even mine. For the past few weeks I have pinning away at some birthday ideas, because well….

1. It is her FIRST birthday

2. Even if she won’t remember it at least the adults will be having fun.

3. Who wouldn’t want their birthday to fall on the week of Cinco de Mayo!

I came across a TON and I do mean a TON of ideas for this and that and things that were a bit over the top for what I had in mind. I then started to think about the things that I enjoy and well maybe she would enjoy them as well. So I found some inspiration and got started!! Particularly for our FIRST monthly meet I thought I better get on the INVITATIONS!

birthday party ideas

birthday party ideas chiccheapnursery.com

Pinwheel Party

Pinwheel Party blog.amyatlas.com

So after finding these two, brainstorming how I could SLAM them together, gather all the supplies and set Christina up with what I had lying around I got busy making these.

Today’s project mini pinwheels for the invitations!

First you take the paper and fold it diagonally so that you will have a square. Then you cut off the leftover piece.

Once you make the square you will want to keep folding till you end up with a small square. About 3×3.

Then cut from each point towards the center. You will then take each corner and fold it parallel to the cut. I used a dab of glue to hold my corners secure.

Once each point is secure take a button and attach with a dab of glue to the center. Attach to the card with glue (I used a dot glue runner to keep down the mess)!

And that is how I began my birthday creations. Please check back to see what other goodies I will be crafty in the next couple of weeks and all the way up to the day!