I am a list maker, I get it from my mom…also, I was inspired by Ashlee to make a “to do list” for our monthly gatherings. I find it funny how my “things to try” board on Pinterest has literally almost 300 pins, yet I had a very difficult time finding something to make when we met for the first time.

And no it wasn’t because I had soooo many things to choose from that I had a hard time picking just one…it was because although several things looked fun and exciting while in the “pinning mode” (you pinners know what I’m talking about!) once it came time to actually making them…not so much.

For whatever reason, perhaps the supplies needed list was too demanding, perhaps I didn’t see a want or need for the item in my life or in my house, perhaps I accidentally pinned it to the wrong board 😉 nothing seemed to jump out saying, “OOOO make me! Make me!”

I’m hoping this list (in no particular order of course), that I can continuously add to and update, will ensure I never have that same creative block again. I’m also hoping our lovely readers (that means YOU!) will request crafts you’d like to see us make, or request tutorials for something you’ve been wanting to try, but don’t know how to tackle. (Crosses fingers)

christina’s creative to do list:
1. washi tape
2. “cupcake concoction”
3. Screen printed tee
4. Fabric flowers for headband or picture frame
5. Fork picture holder
6. Homemade shampoo, sugar scrub, or some other beauty project
7. Something with chalkboard paint
8. Crocheted granny squares
9. Some kind of Indiana art
10. Vintagey paper ball ornaments
11. Some cutesy baby blanket or baby “chew toy” haha
12. Marshmallows
13. Some tote (Because I don’t have enough bags already right?!)
14. Wreath
15. Fix the hole in my toms