I was kindly asked by my other half to offer up my “to do list”. I am more of a person that likes to make lists, mostly on paper, then cross off multiple times when I am finished. Then a week may go by and I will make another list so it is nice and clean! OCD! Yea maybe just a little. I am also that person that makes folders on Safari so that I can see monthly projects that I would like to get to and let me tell you I made it about 6 months before I started slowly not getting back to them. As Christina said she has A LOT of pins, but I have been starting and well still have quite a few I am new to Pinterest. As I said I used to make folders and each of the folders would have several websites with ideas I would like to tackle. Enough on that…

1. palm fish

2. pinwheel invitations

3. recycled, silicone mold crayons

4. pinwheels

5. rainbow layered cake

6. chocolate beer cupcakes

7. recycled plastic bag mat

8. floor pouf

9. nursery redesign

10. pacifier clip

11. closet turned book nook

12. sand and water table

13. paper bag flowers

14. bleach pen onesie

15. mason jar pin cushion

16. stained glass window (with wax paper and crayons)

17. baby leggings

18. green roof chicken coop

19. screen printing

…. ok the list could go on and if you read it through you will see there are almost clusters of crafts/activities/recipes that will be happening almost simultaneously. But like I said I have a paper version that will keep updating and I hope to remember to update here as well. As the weather gets nicer I might slow down a bit because my garden will need lots of tending.