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As I’ve already stated, I’m a self proclaimed “mixed media artist,” so although I have all the supplies one would need to scrapbook, that’s not really my forte. I have, however, been working on my first and probably only scrapbook as a graduation present for my sister who will graduate high school in June.

I don’t remember how I happened to come across an “ABC’s of ME art journal challenge,” but I’m so glad I did! It combines everything I have a love for…photographs, journaling, and art. It will also give me an opportunity to somewhat scrapbook, just in my own “style,” per say.

The blog is amazing and has been up and running for awhile. It’s called, “A Year in the Life of an Art Journal,” where the creators give a different prompt each month. The challenge I found was from 2009, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it now, at my own pace right? Remember that whole procrastination/trouble finishing projects problem I told you about earlier? 🙂

Although 26 pages (1 per letter of the alphabet) sounds like a manageable task to tackle, I’m sure it will take me eons to complete…probably because I can always find an additional detail to add, and never really feel like a piece of mine is “done.”

Any who, I’d like to invite you along on the journey, and hope that my pages will in turn inspire you to create an ABC journal of your own. (Which I would also like you to share with me!)

Here is a link to the first prompt, A of course, and also a picture of my finished page…


**The following insert, in parenthesis, is the actual prompt from the blog.

There is a saying I love that says, “Good intentions are MEANINGLESS without ACTION.” I love this saying because it can be applied to so many areas of my life. This year, in the spirit of positive action, create your first journal page. Use the word ACTION, (or a version of the word) and create a page for yourself to remind yourself of the ACTION that good intentions require.)

I guess I failed to realize that sharing my journal with you all can get quite hairy and personal pretty fast, huh? 😉 I love quotes, so along with following the challenge set forth by the creators of the blog, I decided I would incorporate a quote on each page of my journal that tied in with the letter.

The quote I used to the right of the page, pertaining to “action,” is as follows, “Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should ACT more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.” (said by French writer, Nicolas de Chamfort)

At this time in my life I was going through a difficult time, and trying to make a very difficult decision. I think my journal blurb on the left hand side of the page clearly reflects that, “This totally resonate with me! I definitely tend to over analyze everything, which only ends up driving me crazy in the end! Acting, instead of reacting, is something I for sure need to improve on.”

On a side note, I had a lot of fun with the color scheme and all the little extra “tid bits.”

I have been working on my “B” page for quite some time now, LOL, and will try to finish and upload that asap. Until then, get into gear and start working on your “A is for Action” page!