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For over a week now the HUBS has been gone on Navy business and will continue to be for another week. That leaves the Babe and I alone to do as we please. I thought splendid this will give me a lot of time to craft and blog, HA HA I applaud all the single parents out there because I don’t know how you do it. The Hubs and I are a team, I am with her through the day and then he helps out in the evening and then gets up with her at night. Without him home I have had to do it (not to mention she is teething and totally missing him) all.

Yesterday I finally had the energy to get some BIRTHDAY items crossed off my list but I’ll wait to show those in a birthday post since most of the items I am just taking from other people. But also because I’m having that feeling of ‘will this be enough, shouldn’t I make more decorations, what will people think, look at that party on pinterest, I can’t do that’ yeah it hasn’t been fun. But I need to remember to stay true to myself and show the Babe that her momma is a crafter but at heart she is a reuser, reducer, and recycler!

So this week I have been having to cook on my own and eat on my own and I’m not a FAN… but here are a few recipes I have tried…

crock pot chicken parm.

crock pot chicken parm.


Loved this one! It was so easy to get together, but I have to say it is not what I expected. What I mean is that the chicken fell apart easily and I’m used to the original, but it was delicious.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Barbecue Chicken Pizza


Made this one with the Hubs the last night he was in town! AMAZING!

Baked Maple Blueberry Oats

Baked Maple Blueberry Oats


And this one is in the oven and well let me say I wish I could tag smell into my post! Off I go to eat nom nom


**Had to add that it is Babe approved! She is screaming for more!