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Well I started out this day messaging Christina and telling her to message me every hour to make sure I am on task. Well after that I left for a walk but when I got back I felt energized to begin some more craftiness! I wrote down my to do list and got to work. I originally wanted to finish one of the desserts for the party but after getting into the first few steps I knew that it was going to take ALL day… so there will be a later post on that one. In the meantime I broke out my iron, hot glue gun, button hoard collection, scrap fabric, pinking shears and some iron on adhesive. Here is my inspiration…

Fabric pinwheel hairclip

Fabric pinwheel hairclip


following along with the theme of the party I wanted to jazz up the babe a bit. I decided instead of a hair thing that I could attach it to a onesie to go along with her birthday outfit that my sis is making her.

Sad to say that it my rush to get a post done before the babe wakes, another layer to my dessert, hanging laundry out to dry, eating lunch and cleaning I lost my step-by-step pics in a “user error” but I took a few more pics of the end product to share.

In the tutorial it says to use fray check but I didn’t have any šŸ˜¦ But then I remembered my pinking shears and thought it might add a little funk to the project and well I love it!

Then I couldn’t resist making another! This time I just used some hot glue to hold it all together and attached it to an alligator clip that we had in our drawer. Just wishing I had a few more baby girls around so I could keep making this project.

I still can’t believe that tomorrow my little one will be considered a toddler and that it has been a year since I gave birth to her and 22 months ago when I found out I was pregnant. It seems like yesterday I was bringing this beautiful miracle home and now a beautiful mess LOL

Oh and speaking of the little one I hear her up! Make sure you stop back by and read her birthday post early next week!
My hair model woke up cheery!