the day finally arrived, “cookies and canvas with miss biro,” and if i’m not mistaken,  i think i may just have been more excited than the girls. no just kidding, but i was pretty excited. one of the girls’ younger brother stopped me in the hall just to let me know that his sister was “very excited for cookies and canvas!” that made me feel good. and the girls did have a countdown going all week, so i think it’s safe to assume they were excited too…

so i bring the girls to the art room and serve them their cookies and strawberry milk, complete with neon bendy straws…what could be better right?! 3 of the girls are in complete awe at the colorful, sprinkled concoctions placed before them. however, i had made the mistake of previously showing the 4th lucky lady what i planned on baking, and she didn’t miss a beat in informing me that, “these don’t exactly look like what you were supposed to make.” i quickly gave her the stink eye and shushed her, reminding her that the other 3 girls didn’t know that and i didn’t want their initial awe and admiration to fade. she is very smart so she understood immediately, and filled her mouth with a cookie, followed by lots of over exaggerated yums 🙂

then, i did a big “reveal” of what we would be painting. the conversation afterwards, went as follows:

kids:  wait a minute…you mean we have to paint what you tell us?

me:  HAVE to? it’s supposed to be fun, hello!

kids:  well we thought this was just supposed to be where you eat cookies and paint whatever you want.

me:  don’t your parents tell you anything?

cookie snitcher from earlier (who will be referred to as cs from now on):  i knew.

me:  yeah, that’s because i told you.

cs:  oh yeah.

(this is where i kicked myself in the butt for telling her so much stuff ahead of time)

the conversation went in a few different directions here, so i had to rope the cattle back in.

me:  well, you guys can just paint whatever you want, but you’ll only have these colors to do it with. (displays limited selection of paint)

kids:  let’s just stick with the flowers.

me, to myself, “there is a God.”

**before we begin, can i just remind you that i love these girls, and they are awesome artists, and also hilarious little people?!

throughout the course of the next 2 hours, which i was worried would be too much time, but in fact was not quite enough time…i witnessed multiple personalities…

i had one chickadee that insisted on washing her hands literally every 5 minutes

i had one that was trying to catch her canvas on fire with her blow-dryer

i had one that was more concerned with songs playing on pandora

and the last…i guess i can say she was genuinely on task, maybe a little too serious for age 7 🙂

anyway, it was a lot of fun. i hoped to get a pic with all 4 girls, but they were done and left at different times, so, what can ya do?

laying the foundation:

(finished early, taking a milk break while waiting for the next step)

drawing the image:

(i think she wants to build up suspense)

let the painting begin!

(try to contain your excitement!)

i told the girls they could write whatever they wanted in their red rectangles, it was interesting to see the variety of what they came up with 🙂


(she absolutely LOVES it! i think i even heard her asking to sleep with it tonight? i could be wrong though.)

aren’t they so stinkin precious?  i couldn’t be more pleased!

someone even told me that i should start my own children’s art studio…hmmmm…any investors out there? lol. i have been thinking of going into art therapy lately…we’ll see how i feel about that after i do a little more research.

well friends, after preparing for retirement parties, and graduations, and birthday parties and painting parties, etc…i think i’m about ready for some rest and relaxation. not to sound selfish, but i think my next project should be totally for me! perhaps i will work on my abc’s of me journal ( some more, haven’t touched that in awhile. plus, the two new stamps i just ordered at the beginning of the week already arrived in today’s mail, and i’m dying to use them. (yes i’m a nerd, we’ve already established this!)

what a great start to an event filled weekend.


PS:  i just realized i left my canvas at school on the ledge of the board. smh. on that note…