(everything in bold print was written after the initial draft of this post)

with all the hoopla going on around “the babe’s” rainbow/pinwheel 1st birthday party…it’s only fitting that the cookies i plan to make just happen to be called rainbow pinwheel cookies, lol.

however, these cookies aren’t for the party (ashlee will be making some, don’t worry)…they are for the event i talked about in a previous post, “me, prepared?”


(i just called ashlee and complained about this project, so i don’t know if she will be making these after all.)

i have a pretty creative reputation to uphold at school, so when i promise “cookies and canvas,” i can’t just show up with any old run of the mill chips ahoy or oreos…i have to deliver! fortunately i had already found these amazing cookies on (you guessed it!) pinterest.

the event is friday, and i want these bad boys to be pretty fresh, so i’m going to make them thursday evening, and stick a few pieces of bread in the container to keep them soft. (everyone knows that trick right?) (ps, i’m writing this on wednesday and filling in the pics later…i’m starting to enjoy this doing things in advance kick i’m on)

ingredients needed:

  • 1 (17.5 ounce) bag of betty crocker sugar cookie mix, mixed according to package directions (or whatever is cheapest when i get to walmart tomorrow after work, i will let you know.) oooo, i just had an idea to calculate how much these sweet treats will cost, so i can include that information for our readers, too. yes, that bright idea just happened 🙂 (i did end up getting betty crocker, but only because that is the only brand that had plain sugar cookie mix. they even had a “snack” size, but i figured i should go all out and get the full size)
  • liquid food coloring “as desired” (i don’t exactly know what that is supposed to mean, but it says mccormick neon colors work best, so that’s one recommendation i do plan to take) (i read a few different recipes for these cookies, and some suggested using color paste, but i didn’t see any of that. i did see “gel” food coloring, but it looked bad on the cover of the box, so i just stuck with the plan and bought the neon ones)
  • rainbow sprinkles, “if desired” (what is up with them and the word desired?) but ummmm rainbow sprinkles? YES PLEASE! who would not desire those?! and even though i already have “regular” rainbow sprinkles on hand, i want the little ball ones in the picture. also, i want to stay as accurate as possible to the running tab i plan to tabulate for you all, because i’m just that considerate and thorough. (i got a little overzealous with the sprinkles, because one bottle just didn’t look like enough…so i bought 4 lol. i wanted to buy 5 but had a little self control. needless to say, one bottle was plenty and i still had about 1/5 left in the end)


  • preheat oven to 350 degrees. just because i have a little faith in you all, i will not be taking a photo of this step. also, the dials on brian’s oven are very old, ghetto, and messed up, and i’m embarrassed to display pictures of them on the world wide web (by “messed up” i mean that we must leave it on bake at all times, and only change the temperature when we need to use it, in fear of accidentally cleaning or broiling the oven. fire hazard much?)
  • prepare sugar cookie mix according to package directions (the mix required an egg and a stick of butter. luckily i literally had one egg left, and i always have butter on hand…because i’m fat and i like flavor. PS: you can use the egg shell to clean out your sink’s garbage disposal while you’re at it)
  • divide dough evenly into five bowls, and color each with a different color. (it doesn’t tell me how many drops to use, so hopefully on the box it does, or else i’ll be experimenting i suppose. (and don’t forget a bowl for sprinkles!)(although for neon pink and neon blue, it only says to use 10 drops, i accidentally used 15, because that’s how many the neon purple and neon green required, and i just kind of got in a groove. and because the recipe required dividing the dough into fifths, i used the combination for “apricot,” as the fifth color, however, it ended up looking a little more like…blah)


  • roll each color of dough into grape sized balls. (lol, ok sorry i just couldn’t help but giggle at that step.) (i actually had to place all of these bowls in the freezer to firm up a bit before trying to roll them. as soon as they were rolled, they went straight back into the freezer.)              
  • combine a ball of each color, and quickly roll into a larger ball. it will look like a little beach ball. (i don’t know why i have to do it “quickly.” it’s not like it’s going to melt, or lose color, or…?? i’m not going to rush, it will be fine.) (famous last words…because melt is exactly what they did! however, i had read a few different recipes and a lot of people had the same problem, so i was expecting it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t still troublesome and annoying) 
  • then, roll that ball between your hands and the counter, until you have a cylinder about 12 inches long. (it doesn’t say how thick the cylinder should be, so i will update that once i actually do it. it also doesn’t say if you need to grease or flour the counter so it doesn’t stick, i will also advise you if this needs to be done.) (this was a HOT MESS! see second picture below for proof! after that i literally rolled these babies IN THE FREEZER! although nothing really seemed to help, grrrr!)                            (it looks like willy wonka’s everlasting gobstoppers tee hee) (and this looks like an infected caterpillar. sadness) 
  • starting from one end, roll the dough into a coil, twisting the cylinder as you go. (call me an idiot, but i simply cannot visualize this. i understand the coil part, but that’s a horizontal move in my mind…how will i be able to twist it at the same time? should i just twist the whole thing first, and then roll it into a coil? i know i am supposed to be doing the tutorial…but help!)
  • roll edges of the cookie in sprinkles.
  • **it doesn’t say to repeat this process until all the grape sized balls are used, (nor did it say to make the same amount of grape sized balls of each color at the beginning. maybe it did, but i was too busy giggling about the use of the phrase “grape sized balls,” let me double check…nope, it never said) but i am pretty much a baking genius, so i’m just gonna go ahead and insert that direction here for those of you that may be “baking challenged.” you’re welcome 🙂 (here is my  feeble attempt, before baking)                                            
  • bake the cookies for 10-11 minutes, or until done. (yields approximately 3 dozen cookies) ok, so i suppose i should go ahead and divide each color into approximately 36 grape sized balls. so glad i’m walking myself through this process beforehand. (after about…oh the first 2 seconds of this project…i realized 3 dozen of these balls of torture were out of the question. therefore, if you noticed above, i only made about 7 or 8 balls of each color, and my cookies turned out ginormous)   

**i’m also pretty disappointed that this bone dry basic recipe doesn’t say if i should use a non stick baking tray, parchment paper, spray, etc. nor does it tell how many inches apart i should place these cookies, in order to keep them from smooshing into each other. should i remove from baking sheet immediately? place on a cooling rack? allow to cool on tray? i only pray that i can find these helpful hints on the back of the box. i will keep you updated. (i used a nonstick sheet, no spray or bells or whistles. they are cooling as we speak.)

for as much work as these confections are, i sure hope they are delicious and worth it. we shall see what the chickadees think…will it be love at first bite?

(well, here we have it folks…i think i just earned a spot on craft.fail.com…in case you are not privy to that site yet, i think you should check it out right now…it’s for pinterest projects gone terribly wrong. by the way, if you were considering coloring your hair with chalk…don’t. just sayin. the only redeeming quality of these cookies is that they didn’t have to be iced, because i just did not have that in me today…however, after looking at them long enough i may be convinced to ice them, just to cover the atrocity.)

as an educator, i feel inclined to ask you to save the box top off of the bag and turn it into your favorite teacher so she can earn 10 whole cents for her classroom 🙂

and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the grand total:

sugar cookie mix $1.98

1 egg, approximately $0.25

1 stick of butter, approximately $0.25

1 bottle of nonpareil rainbow sprinkles $0.82 (Lord only knows what i will be doing with the other 3 bottles)

box of McCormick neon food coloring $2.98

after 7% sales tax in indiana, the cost of supplies to make these cookies is approximately $6.72

the toll on your baking confidence…unknown

i also bought delicious looking pink strawberry milk to wash these cookies down with. i will update sometime this weekend how the girls like the cookies, and how their paintings turn out 🙂

**totally pooped, christina

PS:  perhaps i should run out and buy those chips ahoy and oreos after all??

PPS:  let me know if you have any questions…i did kind of a blotchy job trying to patch and piece this post together in a before and after sort of way. sorry