well the weekend came and went in a flash. it was very tiring, but soooo worth it. i got to congratulate my best friend as she graduated from nursing school, and i got to celebrate with a special little lady as she turned the big uno.

unfortunately i forgot to take pics of archer’s presents all wrapped up, but it wasn’t as cute as i saw it being in my head, so you aren’t missing much. i did, however, get a picture of her wearing all the ribbons and bows šŸ™‚ and her mother got some shots of her dragging the decorations around by her bottom as well, lol.

i just now realized i was too late to see her in any of her pinwheel garb šŸ˜¦

although i’m convinced ashlee read my post, pre-party, she swears she did not, and seemed genuinely surprised (and hopefully pleased) by archer’s new alphabet canvas. i think she may have even gotten some business for me! i invited myself to a sleepover at the schnell household this weekend, so we shall see if it is hanging up in her room by then. lol. i kid. i kid. šŸ™‚

the party was tons of fun with lots of good company and sweet treats. all of ash’s hard work definitely paid off, and i heard several compliments about the decor and baking from other guests. i got to see a few old friends from school, and some of ashlee’s family, too. and we finally got the boys to meet, but perhaps we can try that again in a lower pressure setting, or when an iu basketball game is on. haha.

here are some more memories made:

(happy mom and cute baby girl)

(we didn’t make it to the kentucky derby, but we did have sweet hats!)

(i want this child!)

(me and the birthday babe)

(me and betz, now know as rohleder)

(me and the beau who desperately needs a haircut <3)

(and US! 2craftyhalfies)

by the way, i was a huge fan of picnik, a free online photo editing program that recently closed, but has since been replaced by picmonkey. you must have google chrome to use it, but it was a quick and easy download/upgrade. if you like the effects of my last two photographs, that is how i made them. (hey, don’t say i never taught you anything!)

i also just realized that sunday is mother’s day…so i may have to go call my other half and see if she wants to reschedule our play date šŸ˜¦