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The day is finally here and it seems like I have been thinking about what I wanted to do for some time now. What kind of party, where, who…. I just wanted the day to be perfect… and well the day was perfect! Well if I don’t mention the Babe being sick, us being sick and as always a little a little family drama.

Instead of showing how I made each thing I thought it would be easier to just reference where I found the items and then show my results. Ha I used to tell my students process over product but as an adult I think its more product over process.




Fabric pinwheel

Fabric pinwheel


I took the first two ideas and put them together to decorate the tent and I wanted to have a colorful background for pictures. Also with all the scraps I was able to make a rainbow ring garland.

They are now up in the little lady’s room for a while just because I couldn’t bear recycling my hard work quite yet. Seems sort of understated in this picture, but it was beauty in person.

I made these in rainbow colors and attached them together so that they would hang easier outside. I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep them together, but a lot of hot glue helped!

How to make pinwheels.

How to make pinwheels.


I kept these as well. They were used as the door decoration and now decorating the dining room wall. As well as the paper “tablecloths” that everyone enjoyed making throughout the party.

This project was probably the most fun for me, because of my love of crayons. Instead of putting crayons in the jars I made my own crayons from recycled ones I had around the house and they doubled as a party favor that could be used while sitting at the table.

great centerpiece for a party. cover tables with paper and doodle away. #kids #party #centerpiece

great centerpiece for a party. cover tables with paper and doodle away.#kids#party#centerpiece



I love this idea and I knew it would be great for those that don’t enjoy cake. I figured I would keep with the decor and make these in little mason jars, it also made them easy to transport and store! This project was a little harder and more time consuming then I expected. I followed the directions but I think I should have waited a little longer between the first and second steps so the jello was firmer. Jello was a hit but I ended up having 5 jars in my fridge! I think if I was to do this all over again I would make them smaller.

Layered rainbow jello

Layered rainbow jello


I decided that this post was getting a wee bit long, that and I wanted a WHOLE post for the cake. So stay tuned to see the results….