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I wanted to do something special for her cake and that seemed to help me get the idea for the theme. Once I saw this rainbow cake I knew that I would be attempting it. I waited until the day before to work on it and it took me most of the afternoon and into the evening to get it ready for the night. I honestly didn’t think it was going to take as long as it did but I should have figured in baking, cooling, mixing, coloring and crazy babe needing me into the time before I started.

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

It made it really easy that I just had to buy the cake mix instead of making my own, even though I do enjoy whipping it up from scratch it saved me some time. I followed along with the website step-by-step. But when I got to the part about about cutting the parchment paper to size, I first thought it meant tear it off but then when I was about to pour the cake in I noticed that the sized would be scrunched and I needed to actually cut it to size.

This recipe call for 6 egg whites which I happily obliged since I wanted my cake to be just right, but what was I planning on doing with all those yolks?! Well eureka the babe woke up and was hungry so she ended getting some scrambled yumminess!!

So after the pause to make some eggs and appease the LO appetite. I got to work and finished mixing all the ingredients. In the next step it says to be careful when separating the mixture into even amounts. I was overly diligent and first put it into a large bowl and found it to be 8 cups, then figured out how many colors which was going to be 6, then divided… after I figured it out I said well boo this isn’t going to work. SO I took 1/3 cup and slowly put one into each bowl and then continued till all the mix was gone! Whew!! If you think of an easier way please let me know!

Now comes the fun part I think. MAKING THE COLORS! I just used a regular pack of food coloring because it was what I had in the cupboard. I put in 10 drops to start with to get an even mixture and then kept adding from there. I sort of lost count because I was just looking for the perfect colors. My red continued to look sort of pinkish which was a bummer!

Then on to the baking. It says to bake each one for 10 minutes and then let it cool for 10 minutes in the pan and then out of the pan. Well I only had one 9X13 pan so it took a lot of patience and waiting.

And this is where it got messing and I forgot to take pics. After each layer has cooled you start to assemble them. Leaving the bottom layer on the parchment and coating each layer with frosting before you put the next one in. I had a few breaks along the way but the frosting acted like a glue holding them together. Then it goes in the freezer for the night before cutting the day of.

A couple hours before the party I took the cake out and starting cutting it. There were several pieces that were left in odd shapes but we made good use of those as well. Leave no waste! I ended up with 10 rainbow cake circles and a lot of extras! Ready for the final product!!

The little lady had a bit of a nap before we brought on a cake, but she wasn’t quite awake when the cake was brought out. It took her a bit to get started and even then the eating of the cake didn’t go quite as well as her actually birthday day!

Ooh here is the beautiful birthday hat made by my sister! She couldn’t keep it on very long but I made sure to get some quick pics! She also made the adorable tutu from an old prom dress and dyed each so it could be a rainbow of colors!

In the background you can see another DIY project that Nicole and I put together. I had the idea of putting up pictures for each of her months. She had the idea of putting numbers with the pics. It ended up being a wonderful piece to decorate the presents table.

The Babe ended up with a bunch of amazing and beautiful gifts from everyone and one from Christina. Even though she thinks I read her post because she thought I knew about everything. Well maybe you should ask her about her pinning or her calling me about sizes of clothing!? LOL Definitely blessed to have so many great friends that love the babe as well! Thanks 🙂