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so, i’ve never asked ashlee if she found the bisquick recipe herself on pinterest, or repinned it from me…either way, she beat me to the punch.

but, there are two sides to every story…so i couldn’t let her attempt derail me from trying these out for myself. i’ve also never had a lot of luck with bisquick and how “amazing” it’s supposed to be, so i figured i’d give it another go.

aside from baking, i’ve never been a “recipe follower.” i suppose that’s something else i’ve inherited from my mother, who is an amazing cook by the way. in fact, some of the dishes i’m “most famous” for (lol i feel like a douche bag just saying that) i “wing” every time and it comes out just a little bit different but still deliciously tasty. for example, chicken enchiladas, and pesto chicken stuffed shells. of course initially i use a recipe, loosely, but after the first time, i always make adjustments to suit my own preferences.

well, i’ve done about a million variations on chicken broccoli casseroles, and even though i LOVE slightly doughy chicken potpie (haven’t gotten sick yet, knock on wood), brian’s not a big fan, so i decided to go with something taco-ish. after reading a few sample recipes and reviews, i couldn’t find exactly what i was looking for, so i just used the basic idea and created my own.

something i kept reading over and over was how the bisquick stuck to the muffin pan. i don’t have a fancy tray, so i sprayed it down pretty generously with pam, and i didn’t have a problem at all.

after that, i cooked the meat and onions and added a packet of taco seasoning. even though it was pretty lean, i still drained it.

oooo sorry, got a little steamy there for a second…after that, i returned it to the pan and added a whole can of sweet corn…but i guess i forgot to take a picture of that :/ yikes.

then, i mixed the bisquick, eggs, and milk. i was warned that it would be runny, so i did not fear.

something else i read a lot was that these dishes weren’t very flavorful…and that’s a no no. so i took the liberty of adding a little garlic powder and italian seasonings to the batter.

after that, i scooped a “scant” tablespoon into each well greased muffin cup.

next, i filled each tin with 1/4 cup of the meat/corn mix. there was more filling left over than i would have liked, because i’m not really sure what to do with it now. i was just going to continue adding to the cups until all of it was used, but i was afraid the bisquick would puff up and overflow and create a hot mess, so instead i just saved it and will be googling later i guess.

i didn’t think the first picture gave a good idea of how much was left…so as you can see it filled a small container.

we had some leftover chipotle salsa, and brian loves spicy spicy food, so i added a dallop to each mini and also a pinch of “mexican” cheese blend, whatever that means. then, i finished them off by adding another tablespoon of bisquick batter over top.

finally, i popped these bad boys in the oven. usually, since i cook, brian is on dish duty, but he was very busy, so i let it slide this time 😉

i got so excited writing, that i left them in the oven for about 2 or 3 minutes too long. they smelled wonderful and i had to all but throw the computer off my lap as i ran to the kitchen. also, the shredded cheese i think rose to the top, causing a “crusty” golden brown cover to form.

i’m a very plain girl and don’t like sauces really at all. the most i usually do is ketchup on select food items. brian on the other hand will mix every sauce in the fridge. ew. and like i said earlier, he loves something with a kick, so i didn’t even wait for it, i just went ahead and served it up with hot sauce, lol 🙂

trust me, he put so much on top, it looked like icing on a cupcake. then he asked if he was “allowed” to have more. heck yes.

sorry earth, but the best part of this meal for me was that since they are not messy at all i could use paper plates. score!

so, i’m at the end of the post, and i turn to the boy and say, “i need your review.”

“it was good.”

“i need a little more than that.”

blank stare…”it was really good.”

exasperated sigh, “would you want them again?”

enthusiastic nodding, “yes.”

“were there any negatives? should i change anything?” gesturing wildly to invoke some sort of response…


i’ll take that as a success.

perhaps next time i’ll try the thai chicken variation. yum.

off to craft while we watch the reds.


here is a link to the original recipe, enjoy: