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Work, work, work… I feel like it has been continuous since the party 😦 I have been pinning away and finding all these wonderful DIY projects on Pinterest. It seems like I have been leaning toward projects for the walls and for the LO. This one is for both!

After the party I was left with decorations that I left here and there within the house but I really wanted to get her pictures up on display. First I thought I wanted to mod podge them to something that could be hung up but as I continued to look around I found this idea:

DIY Memo Frame

DIY Memo Frame

Luckily and happily I have two window frames that have yet to find a home in our home. $5 a piece at this antique store down south. A TON of spray paint leftover from other projects, yarn, yarn and more yarn, and a staple gun. Don’t mind our door, we are getting a new one someday!

After waiting now for a nice warm day so the paint will have some heat to cure. I got down to business. I decided two coats would probably do and settled on a color that would accent nicely with the birthday gift from Christina.

After all the tackiness was gone from the paint I got out my yarn collection. I didn’t want something the pics would have to compete with but in reality I’m a sucker for color! I took the yarn and the loaded staple gun and got to work zig zagging the yarn as I stapled.

I finished pretty quickly even with taking breaks because my hand was hurting from using the staple gun.  I had texted Christina during the process asking if I should mix the colors in together but I was too impatient to wait her answer and made my own decision. I love how it turned out and can’t wait for it to be hung up in her room.