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the first artist we studied, was charles “chuck” close. although i give the kids a more in depth bio, i will just give you a few highlights about what makes this artist unique:

*Chuck suffers from a disorder called “prosopagnosia,” also known as face blindness, in which he is unable to recognize faces. By painting portraits, he is better able to remember faces. However, this is not why he started painting faces, but it is why he continues to do so.

*To create each painting, Chuck draws a grid over a photo, and copies one cell at a time, mostly using rings of color with a contrasting background.

*In 1988, he suffered a seizure which left him paralyzed from the neck down. He refers to this day as “The Event.” He uses a wheelchair, but continues to do his art by strapping a paintbrush to his wrist. An assistant helps him create the grids. He also uses fingerprinting and torn paper, when painting gets too difficult.

here is the broken down process we used…

#1. take/choose a photo. i used an 8 X 10, but really any size will do. the kids’ turned out much smaller.

#2. draw a very simple outline of your face and body. don’t worry about teeth, and don’t forget eyebrows. less is more for sure. (you can tell i messed up under my chin, but that doesn’t really matter.

#3 & #4. trace this outline onto a new, clean piece of white paper. lightly draw a 1 inch x 1 inch grid on your photo.

#5. color your eyes and lips a solid color. draw a simple shape in each box. i repeated the same shapes over and over. some of the kids did not follow this direction, but again, oh well.

#6. color each box with two different colors. i used colored pencils. some of the kids wanted to use marker or crayon instead. alternate foreground and background colors. for example, i colored my hair using black and brown. if i colored the circle brown, and the background black, then i would color the shape on the adjacent square black, and the background brown.

ta da! i was really pleased with the way these turned out…not going to add much text, just a bunch of photos…(PS: i did the drawing for the kids, and tori did the grid. the kids did the rest.)

SO MUCH PERSONALITY!! 🙂 lol. cute cute!

some chickies still have a little work to do tomorrow…but i’m loving these! 🙂

more fun in store tomorrow 🙂