the first artist we studied on day 4 was bruce gray. i’m being lazy and don’t really feel like typing up a bio for him today, but if you want some quick info, here is some:

although he is most famous for his larger than life sized sculptures, we focused more on his 2d art. learning from 3 days of previous open ended assignments, we decided to make this lesson a little more “structured.”

tori created an interesting “grid” of sorts for the kids to complete with designs and then color. we also gave them an example of his circular/linear art, and only allowed them to use circle stencils and straight edge rulers to create their second project. (we did two bruce gray projects in the morning.)

here was the template we used, and also the example we showed:

here are some samples of the kids’ work, separated by project:

this one didn’t quite get to the painting part…but i just love the look of it. kind of reminds me of a game of pick up sticks mixed with jacks or marbles or something 🙂

i love how the circles are split and painted so differently in this one!

i would hang this in my house!!

love these colors!!

the second artist we studied was andy warhol. well he was quite an interesting bird if i do say so myself…you don’t even wanna know half of the stuff i learned about him. i think the hair says it all, don’t you? lol 😉

just now while looking for one particular fact about his “love life” (or lack thereof) that i’d previously read, i found this instead…enjoy:

for this project i wanted the kids to do a piece in his “campbell’s soup” style, where they create four of the same picture, each colored differently. not all of them finished, but here are a few cool ones:

this would be kermit the frog by the way 🙂

and kitties. cute cute, and super simple! you could totally do this at home with your kiddos!

eventually, hopefully by the end of the weekend, i will post about the final day of art camp. however, it’s father’s day weekend, and i have two commissions to work on and about a gazillion teaching jobs to apply for/follow up with so no guarantees.

hey, as i tell my students, “you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!” lol