we won’t count how many days (weeks, lol) late i am…better late than never though right? 😉

as a treat on the last day of camp, i wanted to help the kids make special t-shirts to remember us by. with 13 kids, i knew this wouldn’t be a simple feat…therefore, i planned something simple for the morning, and gave the kids time to work on any unfinished projects while i called them one by one to make the shirts. i could’ve let tori help a little more, but then i wouldn’t be in complete control of the situation now would i? 😉 (yes i am slightly ocd.)

we studied artist lynne neuman. something fun about lynne is that she paints miniature works of art (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.) i know this size all too well, because i used to make ATC’s or “artist trading cards,” which are this same size. (more on that later.) however, lynne sells her “ACEO’s” or “art card editions and originals.” she says she tries to paint a few of these each day, and says she likes how no two are ever the same…kind of like snowflakes. she specifically loves painting flowers, and lives in florida where she is heavily influenced by the bold, vibrant colors.

i gave the kids 4 or 5 of these small “canvases” to work on. first we drew a SIMPLE outline with pencil. then we painted with watercolor. then we traced with black sharpies and added details in the background like swirlies, polka dots, etc. i went so far as to add metallic acrylics on top, but you can’t really tell, so i skipped that step with the kids. i’ll show my examples first and then the kids’…


soooo much detail! those seeds! those swirls! 🙂

now, for the shirts…i found the idea on pinterest of course, and had been dying to test it out. all you need is a plain tshirt…we used white (don’t know how well it would work on other colors.) you also need good quality crayons (crayola vs. dollar store) and FINE sandpaper. i assume if you use coarse the image won’t come out as clearly.

have the kids color their design on the sandpaper. you have to press really hard and have a good buildup of wax that will transfer nicely.

also remember that everything will transfer BACKWARDS! including words! i had to write everyone’s name on the board for them, lol

lay your shirt out on a flat surface. place a piece of thick cardboard inside the shirt. center your design, and lay the colored image down onto the shirt. put the iron on a high cotton setting. rub the iron evenly over the image for a good 30-45 seconds. you can lightly pull up on the sandpaper to see which sections haven’t been transferred yet, and try again. once you are done doing that, take off the sandpaper. some of the crayon will still be remaining on the sandpaper and that is okay. then, take a plain piece of computer printer paper and lay it over the image. do a quick sweep of the iron to pick up any loose or extra crayon remnants with the paper. we turned the shirts over and also did images on the back as well…you obviously don’t have to do that. i sent home laundering instructions with the kids. i believe you are supposed to set the image, by tumbling the shirt in a dryer for 20 minutes or so. it also suggested washing it alone the first time. here’s how they turned out:

something i just thought of…i gave the kids a whole piece of sandpaper (a large rectangle) to work with, because i wanted them to have a nice large picture on their shirts. however, you could cut these into shapes (hearts, stars, polka dots, etc.) for a different, fun take on these as well.

here are a few pics of kids with their favorite project from the week:

she said she liked all three of these! lol

we ended the week by playing a few rounds of win, lose, or draw, and the kids had a blast. but, as a teacher, this is what made my hard work all week worthwhile:

the kids said they loved camp and didn’t want it to end. warms my heart and soul!

i have been super busy revamping my craft room (post to come), and it has made me realize just how much i miss creating…so hopefully here soon i will get more time to feed my passion.

i have been super stressed lately applying like crazy all over indiana for a teaching job, interviewing, sending out emails, accepting rejections, anxiously waiting, etc. it will be nice when this is all over and i can just relax and create already!

i want to also wish a happy belated birthday to my dear friend and crafting partner in crime…yesterday ashlee turned, oh what was it? 21? 😉 without you, this blog and free therapy would be nonexistent, and for that i thank you!

alright friends, this post has been a long time coming, and now i’m off to other things…