although i have a million other projects i could be working on/chores to do…i have decided to just lounge and start a new project…yes, that is what i do best…shut down and redirect my frustration toward a greater good.

i have been reorganizing the house, cleaning, donating, tossing out, etc. i have also been scouring the internet for every possible teaching or full time pharmacy technician job possible, and applying for EVERY SINGLE ONE. and sending follow up emails. and interviewing. and interviewing some more. and guess what…yes, even more interviewing. and sending thank you cards…and still opportunity-less. i am just overwhelmed, frustrated, and mostly BURNT OUT! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i am blessed to have such supportive friends and family that are constantly keeping their eyes and ears peeled for me, praying for me, etc…but at this point all i can do now is throw my hands up and give it to the big guy i guess.

christina, pity party of one, your table is now available…

i am not like this, and i hate being like this…in a funk. i am usually the cheerful, spunky, happy go lucky girl that brightens the room, not brings it down…but i am only human and i can only take so much ya know? most of all, i hate doubting myself. i know that i am an awesome teacher, and teaching is one of my two passions in life, and i am meant to be a teacher and i still want to teach…so i hate that i allow these things to deflate my spirit and get me down.

ok, enough self-loathing for now…the point of this post was starting a new project to keep my mind and hands busy right?

well a while ago i starting making little squares of art on wood blocks. i only made 5. i sold 3, gave one away as a gift, and kept one for myself because i loved it so much i couldn’t bear to part with it.

antes: there is a family at the school where i used to teach that i love love love! the youngest of their 6 kids signed up for every single art class, camp, activity that i offered. both of the parents are pediatric doctors. the mom is very involved with a program called reach out and read that helps get books into homes of less fortunate families, to promote literacy. she asked if i would be interested in selling some of my art at the event. this was where my little wooden blocks made their debut. i sold this one to one of the other vendors before the doors even opened LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

i also sold this one at the event:

and this is the one i am keeping captive:

this is the one i gave as a gift. i made another one very similar to this, and sold that one:

i love these because they are so versatile. you can frame it or hang as is. you can put it on a bookshelf, desk, in a coffee table, etc. they are small and easy to ship and sell well. i would like to make a ton more, if only i had more time…

right now i am going to find a quote and color scheme from pinterest. then i will probably (attempt to) take a nap, because i woke up super early to do my hair for an interview.

not going to put a time frame on myself, because, well, we know how that goes…but i do promise to post a picture of the completed project. if you feel so inclined as to purchase it, even better! lol. i kid, i kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

quote i will be using:

color scheme i will be using:



apparently i forgot to add this picture to the post. probably because it wasn’t a wood block, it was just made the same way and framed, but it is one of my faves that i have been unsuccessful at selling. thus far i’m just taking that as a sign that i should save it for myself as well. lol. pretty soon my house will be filled with all of my own creations:

sorry the close up is blurry. also, i have bad lighting in my house. probably because i live like a hermit…dark and cold, lol

i really love the color scheme, my alice stamps, and the frame is the icing on the cake:

anywho, here is the other thing i just finished. it looked a lot more vibrant before i sprayed it with the seal. hate how gel pens are temperamental like that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i also had a hard time deciding what images to fill in the negative space with. i wanted to use this cute little knome stamp but it was too big ๐Ÿ˜ฆ saving him for later, lol.

you probably can’t see, but there is a cool japanese text in the very background. sometimes the cool little details like that get lost in the mass chaos.

i went ahead and started these other two at the same time so i would have my foundation ready, but i have at least three ideas in my head…isn’t that always how it goes? love the horse and buggy-ish image,ย and also the cute little bat.

stay tuned, because i have really cute things in store for these next two! ๐Ÿ™‚