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my very best friend in all of the whole wide world is having a baby! i was extremely excited when she told me the news, and beyond honored when she asked me to make her a pregnancy journal. aside from art, writing is another passion of mine, so i know the importance and value of a good diary!

because jenny doesn’t know the gender of her little nugget yet (that’s what she calls the bun in her oven), she hasn’t decided on a “theme” per say. she does, however, know the colors she wants to use. she wants to start with grey, and white as a base, and yellow as a pop accent. if it’s a girl, she’ll add magenta…if it’s a boy, she’ll add aqua and lime green. as usual, color schemes are usually how i start my creations, and this project was no exception. i love love love quotes, so of course i had to add one of those as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ i also finally had a reason to use myย silhouette stamps, so that was exciting, too! behold the cover below:

i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pages in the journal. i couldn’t find one with lined pages and a blank cover for me to alter, so i settled with plain pages. i don’t think it should pose a problem. i wanted to decorate more than just the cover, so i opened the book and quickly got busy creating “prompts” for her to fill in.

a simple variation of “this book belongs to” page:

my letter to baby nugget professing my love for his/her mommy:

although jenny has not told me of any cravings she’s had, i know this is something all pregnant women experience. i believe when my mom was pregnant with me she craved butter almond ice cream or something like that. this journal provided an opportunity for a lot of firsts…this was the first time i got to use my cute little cupcake stamp. one day i may get a tattoo of it. but perhaps not. (mom if you are reading this, pretend i never said that!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

i’ve always enjoyed the phrase “organized chaos,” because most of the time, that’s how i operate…especially when it comes to my craft room. everything may not have it’s place, but i usually know where everything is. usually. if not, i’m sure i’ll be able to find it while trying to locate some other lost item. lol. but enough confessions for now. not that i know from experience or anything, but i can only imagine that having a baby comes with a lot of appointments and things to schedule. that being said, i decided to help jenny out with an “important dates” page. i have circled the 13th, not because i think it’s unlucky, lol, but because she is due on november 13th. my birthday is november 8th, so i’m crossing my fingers for an early delivery ๐Ÿ™‚ ps, the cute little finger with a string tied to it reads, “don’t forget.”

what’s in a name? well i can only imagine that one of the most fun, and also most important things to decide when having a child is what to name him or her! i must admit that even though i am no where even near marriage, i tend to jot down names that strike my fancy on occasion. especially as a teacher, i am privy to a plethora of names, good and bad…but that’s a post for another day. so far, jenny has only run one name across me, for a boy, but her mom swears up and down that she is having a girl, so we shall see. i will keep the name secret, because it is not mine to share.

another joyous event i was recently able to celebrate with this amazing friend of mine, was her graduation from marian college, school of nursing! i could not be more proud of this accomplishment, and wanted little nugget to know about his/her mommy’s success.

now i know i’m getting a little ahead of the game, but i wanted to make a special page for nugget’s debut ๐Ÿ™‚

jenny told me about a crazy dream she had the other night about brian and i, and i’m sure there will be many more to come in the months ahead. i love these little clouds and use them in practically everything, so of course i had to find a spot for them in this cute little journal:

being an avid reader, and having these cute little library check out cards, i decided to add a page for jenny to keep track of her books. i know for sure one of the first gifts her mother bought her was, “what to expect when you’re expecting.” (the true colors didn’t scan too well) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

what could be cuter than a little pocket to hold sonogram photos?! nothing i can think of ๐Ÿ˜‰ i also slid in this tag that reads, “you are my most favorite memory.” the little circle has a space to write the date as well.

i wanted jenny to have a page to capture her feelings, wishes, hopes and fears for nugget too…so with a little help from a vintage typewriter stamp…i created just that.

i probably could’ve gone on making page after page for the next 4 months, but then she wouldn’t have any time to actually use the journal, so i left a ton of room for her to use as she would like.

i finished it all off with a simple sentiment, “remember: your story doesn’t end here. celebrate this life…” what more could we want for our youth right? i also don’t want jenny to stop documenting every new and exciting thing about her son. oh my goodness that was so thrilling to say that! yes, i’m a dork.

as with most of my posts, this has been saved as a draft for quite a while now…before jenny graduated even, which was the beginning of may! this was for many reasons…one, i wasn’t done with the journal, lol (you know me!) two, i wanted to respect jenny’s big news and not blab it all over the internet before she was comfortable with sharing. and three, today jenny invited me to go to an appointment with her. but not just any old regular appointment…the one where we found out the sex of the baby…and if you actually read the title of this post you are one step ahead and now know that jenny is expecting a baby boy. i couldn’t be happier…well, i will be when my little nephew is in my arms ๐Ÿ™‚ so far baby boy is developing wonderfully.

SO EXCITED!! without a doubt, my favorite post to write by far!