this whole two blogs things is keeping me busy…and confused…but i will try to maintain it, because it’s fun, rewarding, and gives me something to do!

well, not having a teaching job, or a full time job for that matter, has given me some free time lately. i say SOME and not A LOT, because i spend pretty much every free minute i have scouring the internet for jobs, applying, emailing, following up, stopping by unannounced to introduce myself and drop of resumes, etc. but i know you’ve heard this all before and just want me to skip to the good stuff 🙂 lol. one can only take so much searching and rejection before one goes crazy…that’s why i like to turn to a little thing called crafting to calm my nerves.

you’ve hopefully already read all about the two “chenille quilts,” i just created. my newest baby is a paper project…you all know i’m better at those anyway.

well, when i was creating the scrapbook for my brother sam, i got lots of ideas, and papers, and pictures, etc…but wasn’t able to use them all. and honestly, even though i didn’t think i would, i actually started enjoying scrapbooking. it’s not soooo different from the other paper crafts i create…as always i can put my own artistic mark on things…and that’s just what i did. also, i never really make anything for myself. i usually make gifts, or try to sell things, so i really wanted something special i could keep and cherish.

i am in love with it’s awesome! they have really great supplies, and a huge member gallery if you get stuck for layouts. they also send me emails almost every day with things i “bookmark,” for later. you know “later,” “when you have more time.” lol. as if that ever comes. anywho, that is where my inspiration came from.

this page has so many things i am loving right now…clouds, and chevron being the most dominant. yeah, don’t ask me why, i’m weird like that. i also love the color scheme. of course even though i wanted mine to turn out exactly like this…it kind of took on a mind of it’s own, and turned out a little more like so

if you go back and read my post about scrapbooking, found here, i think i specifically said something about the difficulties of scanning/photographing pages, because they are so big. but i have seen some people do it like this, and since it was still dusk and i had a little natural light coming in, i decided to try it out. not amazing, but not that bad either.

ok, let me run you through my though process real quick, because my energy level just took a plunge. i wanted a dark background with a bold contrasting color for the clouds, just like the example. of course since i was using IU memories, i had to choose red instead of yellow. i just so happened to have a cloud template, because like i said, i have been loving them lately.

if you read my post about organizing the craftroom, then you know that all of my papers are sorted by color, so it was beyond easy to look through my red papers and pull a few favorites for these puffy clouds. and i finally got a chance to use my super cute iu paper that i have been hoarding for quite some time now 🙂

even though we have been dating for well over a year now, and have a ton of pictures, still to this day, this picture remains one of my top faves. i never shrink pictures down, so i knew i couldn’t pull off the cute circle pics like in the example, so i had to rework my page using a full 4 x 6…that’s ok…bigger looks better in my opinion.

i put the picture down first, then started playing around with the clouds. being the keeper of all things that i am, i had safely kept my ticket from the game, and knew that if i wanted to use the whole thing, i had to work it into the mix somehow too

let’s see, what else…oh yeah, i had all these cutesy hearts and “xoxo” embellishments from a valentine kit i bought, but never used. perfect huh? i included lots of those bc they just so happened to be cream and crimson as well…ok red and white but who’s looking that closely right? 🙂 lol

i also thought the “xoxo” stuff would be a cute addition to the “football” theme of this page. so i added some of my own doodles. and don’t be too proud of me, i don’t actually know any football plays, i googled this…so it could be complete crap and i’d never know, lol

hmmmm, what else? let’s see…i also had this adorable stamp that just so happened to be red, and be from vietnam, so no questions asked, i had to stick it on there! everything i save always ends up being for a totally good reason 🙂

here’s some of that lovely chevron i was talking about earlier…i wanted to stamp something on it, but was too impatient to find my alphabet stamps, and pick out all of the letters i needed, so i just went with handwritten sentiments instead. one of our favorite phrases at the games 🙂

it’s always good to write a little journaling blurb to describe the moment, and add a personal touch, and fill in negative space

here’s my new scrapbook. i’m obsessed with it

insert page…

and there you have it. first page done…several more to go. ay yi yi.

we have season tickets again this year, and the first game is next weekend, so i’m sure there’s a lot more where that came from!