no, surprisingly this post will not be about IU sports…but just about indiana in general…

last week i had the pleasure of having a play date with ashlee and archer, and we talked about how we haven’t posted in forever. so, even though this is something i made a while back, it’s still something i’m very proud of, and would like to eventually make more of if ever time allowed right?

but first, some cutie pics of me and archer while ashlee was off running errands

ok, back to business 🙂

so one of my good friends that i worked with at the time, was having her first child, a son. i forgot to mention that she is one of the art teachers, so my average run of the mill crafting wasn’t gonna cut it.

her and her husband decided to decorate oliver’s room in a map/travel/indiana theme, and they painted it a goldenrod color.

that was all the inspiration i needed.

i took the things indiana is known for, BASKETBALL, CORN, the indy 500, the cardinal, the peony, tulip tree, etc. and made a cute little mixed media canvas for his room.

it has so much texture and personality and color and was SO FUN to make! i wanted to start making other states right away, but really had no need to, lol. my gift was a really big hit at the baby shower, but the best part was the thank you note i received from lauren. i still have it on the fridge actually, even though ollie is probably almost 2 by now. she thanked me for giving him his first official piece of art for his nursery. awwww!

wouldn’t it be super cool to make one for each of the 50 states? wow, what would i do with them all? lol.

well anyway, reality awaits…time to make dinner and hopefully relax with a good show or two.

don’t worry, i haven’t abandoned my stamp project yet…i just want to get a few good samples under my belt and post them all at once