so, i’m not a huge halloween person, in fact, the only reason i really even remembered that today is halloween, was because i saw a ghoul and a goblin walking out of chipotle on my way home. also, it is brian’s mom’s birthday…here is what i made her, label and all 🙂20121031-200657.jpg

she is a huge gardener, and one day on pinterest i happened to run across a “do it yourself” gardener’s sugar scrub. i quickly whipped up a batch and it was UH-MAZING! she had been over all day helping plant flowers, so i asked her to test it out, and she instantly fell in love as well. the next day she sent me a text saying she wanted to purchase some as a gift for the president of the garden club that she’s in. i told her not to be silly and that i would make her some for free…after all, i already had all the ingredients at home. i made her, and her friend their own cute little container, and plan to give it to her when she visits this weekend. in case you were wondering, and are now dying to make your own batch:  fill your container 3/4 full with sugar, add some melted coconut oil, juice from a freshly squeezed lemon or lime, and a tablespoon or two of your favorite hand/dish soap. you can always play with the consistency if you like a little more “soft” and a little less “scrub.” i made mine a coconut lime-ish…and hers obviously a strawberry lemonade…but the possibilities are endless. i would love to hear your combinations 🙂


another treat i had in store when i got home today was the official wedding invite of our dear friends ashley and brandon. the wedding is december 1st, in ohio, and we couldn’t be more excited! brian is the best man, but i’ve yet to hear the speech he’s been working on so diligently. 20121031-200714.jpg

these adorable beauties were waiting for me as well…happy early birthday to me! can’t wait to break them in at work tomorrow…i have a shoe problem, i know!

ahhhh, yes…another stool. i have to admit i was very discouraged when i first took on the commission for this stool. although i have become more of a sports fan lately, painting balls just didn’t really appeal to me…but, the request was from a dear friend, and i could use the money (see aforementioned shoe problem, lol), and i already had the stool at home, so i thought…why not?! and i’m SOOOO glad i did, because i’m so in love with it right now, i want to keep it and name my first born child austin 🙂 i’ve also decided that i need to start charging more for these creations, because they take so long to complete, and i also scoped the prices out on etsy of similar items. i also stayed home sick yesterday, and after sleeping it off until 2, i figured i’d better redeem myself by doing something productive…20121031-200730.jpg

after doing such a fun job on the top, i was at a loss for what to do on the sides. they were really too small to attempt painting other kinds of sports equipment on them. my friend suggested putting austin’s name, but that would only take up one side, plus, i wanted that to be the main focus on top…i don’t know how, but it finally hit me to make one one resemble a football field, and the other a basketball court…VOILA!20121031-200737.jpg


there was still a lot of “just blue” so i added “home” and “visitor” and my masterpiece was complete…20121031-200755.jpgi am very pleased with how it turned out, and i hope my friend, and his dear baby nephew will be too!

i am also pleased to say that with my new ipod i was able to not only take these pictures, but also to upload them directly to wordpress and save this post as a draft, until i was ready to come home and complete it on the computer…wow. in love with all of my gadgets 🙂

now for a real treat…netflix and quality time with my boo 🙂