About Us

Christina’s Side of the Story…so there I am, minding my own business, keeping to myself in my new “cluster” at IU, when who should I meet…but my other half! Literally! Okay, well figuratively, but what’s it to ya?! In a world of millions, I had found my one and only “craftmate.” (Kinda like a soulmate, but way cooler!) Although looks are muy deceiving, and at first glance you may have pegged me for a Latina lady, I am in fact 1/2 Vietnamese, and half Caucasian. (My mother being the Asian, and my father the Whitey.) I was excited beyond belief that I had met a girl whose father is Vietnamese, and mother is Caucasian…it was as if the Heavens parted and the missing piece of my cultural puzzle had become complete 🙂 (Hence the name 2 “halfsies.”) Shortly after, Ashlee was teaching me how to crochet (which I got in trouble for working on in the before mentioned cluster) and the rest, as they say, is history. After graduation, as friends often do, we parted ways and much to our dismay became distant. However, after tying the knot, Ashlee moved to my hometown, and we have been making a better effort to hang out much more frequently. I brought Ashlee to the dark side (Pinterest), so she approached me with the idea of a collaborative blog where we would not only complete at least one of the many ideas on our ever growing “Things to Try” boards each month, but also document the process and blog about it. I willingly hopped on board, so here we are! I have issues with procrastinating and sticking with projects to completion, so I may need a swift kick in the tookus every once in a while, but I do look forward to this new adventure. Ashlee is more of the domestic crafter (baking, sewing, etc.) whereas I’m more of a mixed media type gal (stamping, collage, etc.), so that is how (after a very long and frustrating period of deliberating) we came up with the name scrapsANDstitches. We hope you enjoy your time spent here with us, and please feel free to share any questions and/or comments you may have!

Ashlee’s Side of the Story…who would have known that after 18 years I would finally meet another halfsy other than my brothers and sisters. I was in complete shock when I came into my first cluster (it was small, being only 14) that I would meet a girl that would become my other half. She had lived in a world with her Asian mom (not quite being Asian) and me with my Caucasian mom. And as she wrote we would learn, get in trouble and then inevitably go our separate ways. I got married to my wonderful hubs, moved down south near his family, moved back north for him to go to school, started teaching, had a gorgeous baby girl and quit teaching….. all of this almost happened before she came back into my life. And she came in almost a storm (well it was storming that day) but with a beautifully crafted box for my darling babe! After not seeing me for what felt like a century she was able to find the perfect details to fit me. And as the story goes I have gotten back into crafting (sewing, baking, crocheting, upcycling…) and she has helped to give me a push into pottery which I didn’t think I had the gusto to do! I used to dip my toe into Pinterest but she has given me the final shove and I have been immersed in all the wonder of piling up pins AHHH! That is when I said HEY lets get together and work some of these things together, that way we will have to keep each other motivated. I love blogs but always lose my will to work on them after a few months. So with my other half by my side we should be able to keep it going. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.


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